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Need a Domain Name?

domainsArt.pngWe Can Provide Domain Names, essential for any business wishing to establish an online presence. If you are a business selling products, services or are a charity seeking a domain name, then we can purchase it on your behalf.  Let us know  what you would like your domain name to be  i.e. "" and we will do a quick search online. Some domain name(s) may be unavailable however we will  provide you with a list of options and a price list. We will also help you to make an informed decision about the domain name that will best suit your business.

Do I have to set this up myself?

No, we do everything for you, all you have to do is provide us with the website hosting company and we can take it from there.  (We may need you to get in touch with your hosting company for some settings etc.).

I don't have a Website Hosting Company.

It's okay, for a yearly subscription we can provide this too. Our hosting is ideal for businesses who want a website and don't want to worry about setting it up and the day to day running of it. We will set up your chosen domain name and point it to our web server and that's it. Read On...

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