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Providing Website Design and Development

Website Design and Development Services

At Inkwell Conceptual Design we offer Website Design and Development using the latest HTML 5 and CSS 3 Web Consortium Standards so that your website is up to date and using the most robust website design and development available. We help to walk you through the process of taking care if your new website and provide you with statistical data on how to move forward with your website. We will help you avoid the mistakes that could potentially cost you money along the way.  Our website design techniques will also help enhance the image of your business. Located in Dungannon, Co. Tyrone, centrally placed in Northern Ireland, we can provide you with everything you need to help get you started, whether it is an ecommerce online shop or content managed website, we are here to Read on...

Website Hosting

Rack_Servers.pngDo you need Hosting for your website? We can offer domain name parking at a very low price and give you the peace of mind you need. We will take care of everything from moving your website to setting up it's database. This service is great for website owners who want to acquire a hosting service that is fuss free, leaving them to get on with the day to day running of their business. It is also ideal for website content editors who don't want the stress of managing the hosting for their content managed website and it is ideal for online shop owners. We can also send you monthly statistics which is ideal if you are trying to monitor the progress of an online marketing program. Get in touch with us if you want a website hosted for a cost that will..., well, surprise you!

Mobile Friendly and Search Engine Optimisation

Taking on the approach that your website will be displayed on a wide range of displays, tablets and smart phones, then it is only right to assume that your website will be displayed across screens that are different in size. It is important that your website design and development is fully adaptable to these environments, this is also important so that you never lose your business identity. We take this seriously and will test that the content of your website is fully responsive. Your website shouldn't get in the way of progress and should never lose any of the flare it was originally designed with, it should always help you gain wider audience online.

The Google mobile friendly update "Mobilegeddon" has been out for a while now and anyone using Google's Webmaster Tools got an email to warn them about websites that may not display properly on mobile and tablet devices. What does this mean for current website owners? It means that if your website was never intended to show on a mobile phone are tablet then it could lose out on the amount of visitors you receive.

If you currently own a standard, ecommerce (online shop) or a content managed website (CMS - a website you can edit) or are thinking of starting out in business, we can help. We can either get your business online and mobile friendly or improve your current website’s performance. This, in turn will greatly enhance the amount of visitors you will receive on a daily basis. Making your website mobile friendly is only the first step in getting a return on its online marketing capability; it also needs to make sense with customers. When we develop a website it displays across all devices the way it should, while keeping close to its desktop design and also making it easy for customers to navigate.

According to recent statistics 55% of the population in Northern Ireland is using smart phones with at least 44% of the population around the UK using tablets and this trend is only set to grow. Clearly the statistics above have a huge market value in terms of the amount of traffic reaching your website and if your website is not up to current W3 standards, it's set to lose out on a large number of potential customers. Let us help you achieve more visitors to your website by calling us or contacting us!

Feature Rich Content Editing Systems

Websites have become much, much more than a website for informational purposes; they have become the social media of choice for big and small businesses: - from shops and engineering firms to broadcasting and service providers, the Internet has been harnessed by everyone; local companies in Dungannon are using the Internet for their own niche markets. Anytime you want to launch a new product or service you can now do so with just a few clicks of a button. We can help to get you started and online promoting your business, products or services. We are current on the popular CMS software currently in use like Wordpress and Concrete 5. Read on...

Social Media Integration

Did you know that we can set your website up in such a way that your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter can stream directly on to any page of your Website? No matter if you’re tweeting about a service or adding a post about a product to Facebook it can show up on your Website.

Crafts Etc. Online - Dungannon  Web DesignCrafts Etc. Online Review

We are a local craft business in the Dungannon area and we are really pleased with our new Mobile Friendly CMS website that Inkwell Conceptual Design developed for us. It is exactly what we wanted, vibrant, eye catching and most importantly incredibly easy to use. Learning how to use the CMS system did not take long. Updating the text and photographs takes such a short time giving us more time to focus on the other business needs of Crafts Etc. Online.

Content Management Systems

Created and developed here in County Tyrone, content management systems (CMS) are a great way to keep the content of your website fresh and up to date without needing to know anything about building a website. Anyone with a keen eye and a sharp mind can put up a blog, comment and tweet about the latest gadget or interest, this is the era of the social journalist where nothing is hidden and almost everything is open. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) firms are now utilising this new art of online publishing to drive business and send key messages to their public audiences, even at a local level we are seeing businesses use social media to drive up sales.

Now content managed websites are on a par with social networks, with three clicks of a mouse you can update the content of your Website, at any time and from anywhere, giving you the flexibility to work on your own website without the need of a website developer. We can even integrate your current Twitter and Facebook feeds into your website. Our content management systems are giving websites back to the people the same way social networks have given people the power to have their say on issues that interest them. Your website will just be like using Facebook or Twitter and it's all just a phone call or an email away. Contact Us.

Mobile Websites

Crafts Etc. Online

When we create your Website we build it on a Responsive Framework making your website viewable on Smart Phones and Tablet devices, enabling your Website to reach more customers.

UX Design

UX (User Interface) design has started to become more and more relevant in today's interactive social community, so what does it all mean? Simply put, it is an emphasis of how we interact with the digital devices around us and how it can influence the development and design in the interface of any website.

We integrate this thinking into the design and development of the projects we get involved with. Some of the questions that anyone looking for a website for the first time should ask:

  • What requirements does your Website need?
  • Can content be found easily on your Website?
  • How will the user interact with your Website?
  • How can your Website gain a wider audience?
  • Is your audience based locally or, are you aiming for a global market?
  • How easy is it for a user to get back to the Home Page of your Website?

These are only a few of the many questions we ask when trying to create a Usability Interface that your audience will not get frustrated with.